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About Us

Our team comprises Ontario Certified Teachers who bring extensive hands-on experience in STEM education directly from the classroom. Timothy Gard, our founder, pioneered the establishment of independent STEM classroom programs within the Toronto District School Board’s elementary schools. As a former Chair of Math, Science, and Technology in several schools, Timothy has dedicated his career to enriching students’ learning experiences from early primary to intermediate grades. His core belief is that every student can excel in mathematics and science within a supportive environment that nurtures a Growth Mindset and emphasizes active engagement through hands-on, real-world projects. He has delivered workshops in the UK, US, South Africa, and Canada¬† as well as in other contexts, including BETT, ISTE, and FETC. Workshop topics have ranged from electronic assessment, integrating tool software across the curriculum, coding and robotics, integrating STEM across the curriculum and designing effective elementary school Learning Commons and Makerspaces.

Timothy’s nearly three decades of educational service in the Toronto District School Board have been marked by his significant contributions to MindShare Learning, where he has held roles such as Chief Learning Officer and K-12 Editor of The Mindshare Learning Report, Canada’s premier edtech publication. His work includes in-depth reviews of various software and hardware educational tools and consultancy for technology firms on educational best practices.

Now returning to his roots in Owen Sound, Timothy is eager to leverage his extensive educational expertise to benefit the communities within Grey and Bruce counties. He is keen to engage in discussions about your specific educational needs and aspirations, offering his insight and assistance to foster high levels of achievement. Please contact him whenever you have time to explore how he can contribute to your educational success.

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R. Martellacci

President, MindShare Learning | CEO, C21 Canada | Chief Digital Publisher, MindShare Learning Report

“I was first connected to Timothy Gard while completing my Masters in EdTech. Mr. Gard, a master teacher-librarian, impressed me from the first day I met him in his classroom, where he gave his students agency to operate classroom technology. As a result of our collaborative research around best practices in optimizing classroom technologies, we have embarked on many joint projects, where Tim has served as Chief Learning Officer for MindShare Learning. Thanks to Tim lending his pedagogical expertise, our organization has thrived over the past 15 years!”

M. Kanalec

Principal, TDSB

“I have known and worked with Timothy Gard for over a decade. He has always been at the forefront of teaching STEM and integrating technology. Tim brings a unique joy to learning where every student explores the highest level of critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and creativity in a supportive environment which fosters the highest level of success.”

C. Jones

Teacher Support Officer, NPT, Wales

“Tim delivered an inspiring and engaging session on STEM in the classroom and it’s role in developing learners’ integral skills within the curriculum. Tim’s knowledge and passion shone through.”

E. Scourfield

Education Suppport Officer, NPT, Wales

“Thanks Tim, for sharing your experiences and understanding of project-based and active, collaborative learning in STEM. I found the focus on weaving in creativity to mathematics particularly appealing. I’ve already begun to share some of the resources that you have referenced.”

L. Rovas

VIce Principal, TDSB

“For the past three decades, Timothy Gard has worked as a teacher leader within the Toronto District School Board. Equipped with profound curriculum knowledge and an unparalleled ability to seamlessly integrate technology into classroom programming and instruction, Tm has pioneered a multitude of technology pilot projects instilling 21st-century ¬†concepts and skills into elementary classroom programs. His exemplary leadership in the field of education has illuminated the path for students and educators alike, ushering in a new era of innovative and transformative learning.”