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STEMVOX STEM Camp Registration

The STEM Camp Registration Page is designed to gather vital information about students participating in summer STEM camps. This page allows parents and guardians to provide detailed personal information, including health conditions, allergies, emergency contacts, and any special requirements or interests of their children. By collecting this essential data, the registration page ensures that camp organizers are well-prepared to address each participant’s individual needs and safety. Additionally, it facilitates the seamless enrollment process by offering clear instructions and necessary forms, ensuring that all pertinent information is accurately and efficiently recorded for a successful and secure camp experience.

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STEMVOX Summer Camp Information

Step one

  • Download program information forms
  • Fill out Online Form – See Below
  • Unclear about something? Reach out!

step two

step three

  • On the day of camp, enter the building using the front doors (main). Turn right past the office and head down the hall!
  • Room 1 – The end of the hall on the left.
  • Find a space to sit and begin to make new friends!

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Student Information

Student Name

Health and Medical

Medical Information is collected and retained for the school year only. We do not store personal health and medical information from year to year. The information below is used only as necessary.
Include treatment (EpiPen)
Allergies, Diabetes, Epilepsy, etc.
Over the counter medications required during regular school hours.
Authorization to administer first aid or emergency medical treatment if necessary. Permission for school staff to administer prescribed medications or treatments.
Eyeglasses, hearing aids, etc.. Special Instructions for managing these needs.

Emergency Contact Information


Parent/Guardian Information

Address | Only If Different From Mother or Father