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We are a group of Ontario-certified teachers with real classroom experience in STEM education. We’ve developed STEM programs that promote a Growth Mindset, collaboration, and fun while teaching students the fundamentals of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in a supportive, caring environment. Our summer STEM camps are based on the Ontario Ministry of Education Math and Science curricula.

Our program is unique because our summer sessions are intricately tied into the current Math and Science curricula. We also provide students with hands-on experiences that use best-in-class tools that promote engagement and deep learning.

OCT-qualified teachers with years of experience in STEM education lead all sessions.

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Summer STEM Camp Instructor

Our CEO and Lead Learning Strategist, Timothy Gard, will facilitate all summer STEM camps. You can read more about Tim here.

STEMVOX Summer STEM Camps – Follow the Steps!

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STEMVOX STEM CAMPS INFO – Grades 3-6 only!

  • For this inaugural year, we’ve designed our STEMVOX SUMMER CAMP EXPERIENCES FOR GRADES 3-6 ONLY. Next year, we hope to offer experiences from grades 1-8.
  • We offer full-day sessions. Please review your choices carefully before submitting your choice and payment.
  • Full-day sessions run from 9:00 to 4:00 PM, with a lunch break from 12:00 – 1:00 PM. Campers must provide their own lunch.
  • Please complete this form fully. We will contact you if we have further questions about your information. Please note that each session is limited to 15 students, and we will disable sessions as they become full.
  • Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

Pick A summer session – Full Day | July or August

Full-Day Sessions in July and August 
  • Morning (9:00 AM – 4:00 PM)
  • Lunch (12:00 PM – 1:00 PM)

July Full Day Topics | Full Week

  • Designing and Coding Robots for Engineering Challenges

“Designing and Coding Robots for Engineering Challenges” is a premier summer STEM camp focused on elementary-aged students, where the engaging world of robots provides a foundation for hands-on learning in robotics, coding, and engineering. Participants will progress from mastering basic programming to tackling real-world inspired engineering challenges, enhancing their skills in problem-solving, creativity, and teamwork. The curriculum emphasizes the engineering design process, encouraging iterative learning through fun, competitive challenges that mimic practical scenarios. Students will collaborate in teams, promoting a culture of shared knowledge and mutual respect. This camp culminates in a showcase, allowing campers to present their projects and celebrate their achievements, fostering a lasting interest in STEM and underscoring the values of perseverance and innovative thinking.

August Full Day Topics | Full Week

  • Exploring Ecosystems using Raspberry Pi Pico W Sensors and Databots

“Exploring Ecosystems with Raspberry Pi Pico W Sensors and Databots” (this can involve using Micro:bits as well) introduces an innovative educational initiative that merges technology with environmental science, providing students with a tangible way to study and understand ecosystems. Leveraging the Raspberry Pi Pico W’s capability for environmental monitoring through a range of sensors alongside the interactive learning experience offered by Databots, students embark on a hands-on journey to collect, analyze, and interpret real-time data from their surroundings. This approach enhances their comprehension of ecological principles and the delicate interdependencies within ecosystems and cultivates critical thinking, data analysis skills, and a deeper appreciation for environmental conservation. By integrating these technologies into the curriculum, we empower students to engage directly with their environment, making abstract concepts concrete and fostering a generation of informed, environmentally-conscious citizens

Student and Parent Information and Payment

Summer Camp Cancellation Policy

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STEMVOX Summer Camps Options

STEMVOX STEM Camps – Full Days | 9 -4 PM

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Payment Options

Payment can also be made via etransfer: Please include session date and name of student.

Follow Up and Location

  • STEMVOX will host all of our Summer STEM Camps at our new home!
  • We are now located at The Sydenham Campus Skills and Innovation Centre | 1130 8th Street East, Owen Sound, ON N4K 5N8