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Welcome to STEMVOX – Igniting the Spark of Innovation in Young Minds

At STEMVOX, we believe in the power of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to shape the future, and it starts with the youngest among us. Our mission is to kindle a lifelong passion for learning and discovery in children, laying a foundation for a future where they not only thrive but also lead in an increasingly technological world.

Project-based Learning in STEM

All of our programs are based on Project-based Learning (PBL). However, this does not mean that students only do projects—it’s much more complex than that! We believe there are fundamental principles behind learning STEM and empowering students through experiential learning like PBL. In short, we believe the following:

  • Foundations of Number Sense

    • Emphasize early development of number sense using manipulatives and direct instruction.
    • A robust number sense builds confidence and forms a foundation for engaging with complex mathematical concepts over time.

  • Progressive Skill Development in Science and Mathematics

    • Support continuous development of Science and Math skills through gradually introducing more complex ideas in a nurturing environment.
    • Use ongoing support mechanisms to enhance understanding and application of scientific and mathematical concepts.

  • Adaptive Learning Techniques

    • Implement adaptive learning strategies to accommodate different cognitive abilities and learning styles in STEM education.
    • Utilize scientific and mathematical manipulatives to aid in comprehending and applying complex concepts.

  • Continuous and Early Assessments

    • Conduct early and ongoing assessments to identify students’ learning needs and areas for improvement in Mathematics and Science.
    • Address deficits with targeted support and interventions to ensure all students can achieve their potential.

  • Leveraging Technology in STEM

    • Integrate technology effectively to enrich STEM learning environments.
    • Apply AI and machine learning to develop adaptive learning programs that tailor the difficulty of tasks based on individual mastery.
    • Use interactive tools to simulate real-world problems and provide immediate feedback, enhancing practical understanding and application.


STEMVOX Academy – Our academy is more than just a learning space; it’s a launching pad for young innovators and thinkers. Here, we offer a comprehensive curriculum combining theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on experience. Our students delve into the fascinating world of STEM through interactive lessons and collaborative projects guided by our team of expert educators and mentors. All of our STEM programs are based on the current Ontario Math and Science curricula.


STEMVOX Camps – Imagine a place where summer and winter breaks turn into exciting adventures in learning and discovery. STEMVOX Camps are those vibrant hubs where children engage in many STEM activities. These camps, from robotics to environmental science experiments, are designed to spark curiosity, foster creativity, and build invaluable skills beyond the classroom. Our Summer STEM camps are based on the Ontario Ministry of Education Math and Science curricula.

STEMVOX in Schools

STEMVOX in Schools – We extend our innovative approach to learning by partnering with schools. The STEMVOX in Schools program directly brings our unique and engaging learning and teaching philosophies into classrooms. We collaborate with educators to tailor experiences that complement existing programs, ensuring every child can explore the wonders of STEM in a supportive and enriching environment. Our programs use the Ontario Ministry of Education K-8 Math and Science curricula.

Join us at STEMVOX, where we’re not just teaching children; we’re preparing pioneers of the future. Dive into our world where education meets imagination, and discover the endless possibilities that STEMVOX has to offer.

Out STEM Philosophy

STEM education is of paramount importance for students from K-8 for several compelling reasons. Firstly, it fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills from a young age, equipping students with the ability to analyze, innovate, and adapt in our rapidly evolving technological world. Secondly, early exposure to STEM subjects sparks curiosity and a passion for learning, helping students develop a strong foundation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This, in turn, opens up diverse career opportunities in the future. Moreover, STEM education promotes collaboration and teamwork, essential life skills that are cultivated through hands-on projects and experiments. Additionally, the integration of STEM into elementary education supports the development of creativity and the ability to design solutions to real-world problems.

Critical Thinking
Future Skills
Problem Solving
September, 2024

Beginning September, 2024 in Owen Sound we will offer our inaugural STEM School program for students in grades 3-8. This is an alternative, project-based school offered once a week in a fully equipped STEM space for hands-on, collaborative work. The program will rely on the relevant Ontario Mathematics and Science curricula for guidance.

Once a Week
STEM Camps
Summer 2024

STEMVOX offers authentic STEM-based Summer camps for campers in grades 3-6. We offer one-week programs from 0830 – 1530 in a fully equipped STEM space. 

Grades 3-6
Small Classes
STEM in Schools
September 2024

Teaching STEM in public schools can be challenging. We offer STEM programs from coding and robotics to 3D printing and environmental science in fully Ontario curriculum aligned programs. Contact us if you’re interested in having us come to lead a half or full day STEM program. Our programs are focused on grades 3-8.

Half or Full Day
Various Topics
Curriculum Based
Free Resources
Lesson Plans